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 I got expelled at 15 when I did my first protest. It didn’t stop me.

My activist friends got killed. It didn’t stop me.

And I have been jailed. It didn’t stop me.

You don’t have to go through any of that to make a difference.

But to younger people involved in the fight for justice, I want to say, one thing is important – commitment.  It is a marathon, not a sprint.

It takes time to listen and understand people and their problems.

It takes time to build relationships.

It takes time to educate yourself, your supporters, your audience.

It takes time to gather the right resources.

It takes time to try out creative ideas.

It takes time to move from anger to peaceful nonviolence.

It takes time to heal from pains that result from the journey.

It takes time to make deep change.

The social and environmental movements need your time, your talent, your unique way of seeing problems and solutions.

If you want to see a different world, get involved and stick around a bit.

Good things sometimes take a little longer.


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Growing social needs and other factors are creating a leadership deficit in the nonprofit sector. Many solutions are being worked on to increase the quantity and quality of nonprofit leaders.

                However, the world needs, above all, leaders who can lead transformational change in their organizations and the social sector. Many social issues of the day require transformative change, rather than mere social remedies.

                Transformative leaders need to be able to address the challenges of the new environment and cultural change with appropriate leadership strategies. Two new sources of such leaders hold promise: business leaders who are crossing over into truly problem-solving philanthropy, and social entrepreneurs engaged in pattern change.

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