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Philanthropy has often been associated with mega-giving and mega-givers. The fact is that it covers a multitude of donors, modes of giving, and beneficiaries. That said, all forms of philanthropy are experiencing unusual changes.

            Four major trends can be observed. The first is borderless philanthropy, with rising charitable giving beyond the US and increasing cross-border philanthropic flows. The second is e-philanthropy and the spread of giving, enabled by technology, in innovative ways. The third is philanthrocapitalism, with the engagement of business entrepreneurs and their many ideas, ambitions, and resources for increasing social impact. The fourth is collaborative philanthropy, as givers and even governments seek to collectively create greater social impact.

                All these trends are motivating the rich and not-so-rich to give more and in new ways, and thus powering philanthropy, leading it toward an exciting and, sometimes, surprising future.


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